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Click the image to be directed to AirBoss's review history on eham!


AIRBOSS HATS HAVE ARRIVED!!! Only $19.99! Click the Image to be directed to the Shop! ->


**FLAGGING TAPE!!! Only $9.99!!!**

Instructional Videos

Demonstrational video regarding how to use the AirBoss -------->

What knot to use on your sinker and how to tie the flagging tape into it ------>

How to assemble your Reel kit for AirBoss ---------------->



The original AirBoss was made by my Grandfather (KR4LO) in order to help ham radio operators deploy their antennas over tall trees. I, the Grandson, have taken over the production of the AirBoss. Olah Technologies LLC will continue to bring you the AirBoss and other innovations.

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