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Wow, its been a minute since the last update. My school last fall went really well and I have just returned from my unit's annual training event. I am looking forward to attending the Shelby Hamfest in North Carolina for the first time. This Hamfest will be in Shelby NC from August 30th - September 1st. I am planning to setup my booth in the flea market area, just look for the brown Toyota Tundra with two black tubes (Rod Pods) ontop and come get an AirBoss!


- 9/24/2023

I will be attending a mandatory military training school from October 16th - November 14th. The last day for shipping orders will be October 13th. Customers may continue to place orders while i'm gone, but know that they will not ship until November 20th because I will need time to make are prepare a large amount of orders at once.

- 9/23/2023

CQ Magazine has done it again! Thank you and your amazing subscribers for an actual FLOOD of orders I got this last Friday! So many customers got great discounts on their AirBosses with my Fall Sale event. (use promo code Fall2023 for 10% off your entire order until December 1st) With all of the great customer feedback regarding how to improve the AirBosses design I have a new idea that can solve the only issue the system has ever had (breaking in the middle when dropped) so stay tuned to find out what I have come up with!




RARS Fest was a success! Thank you to all the new customers and current AirBoss owners that came by to say hello! Its great to see all the support for AirBoss no matter where I go! Hats are now on sale in the shop! Get yours before they go out of stock!

- 3/12/2023

Thank you to all of my great customers that came out for the Charlotte Hamfest! We had an excellent turnout! I could not be more happy with the awesome Hams I got to meet and all the great sales! I look forward to another great Hamfest at RARS Fest in Raleigh NC on April 8th. Ill make sure to bring another truck load of the legendary AirBosses with me!


- 2/12/2023

Charlotte HF.jfif

It's almost that time of the year! With Spring on its way, I have three Ham Fests on my radar already! I will be at the Charlotte NC Hamfest on March 11th, RARS Fest in Raleigh NC on April 8th and the Cary Mid-Summer Swapfest July 15th. If there's more North Carolina Hamfests you'd like to see me at send me an email at!

- 11/8/2022

The end of October marks one full year since Olah Technologies LLC kicked off! Wow time has flown by! A huge thanks to my customers, ARRL magazine and CQ magazine for getting AirBoss back on the map! Life has been very busy, and Eleanor (my 6 month old daughter) gets bigger every day! Please check out the latest update to my instructional videos section of the website on the home page. I have added a video to show you how to put together your reel kit! Please come visit my table at the JARS Fest in Benson NC on November 20th! As my business continues to grow my goal is to go to more and more Ham fests throughout NC and the USA! Thanks again everyone for your business and continued support!



All orders will now include a free complementary 3ft - 4ft strand of bright flagging tape. This can be used to tie off to your tag line near the sinker before you send it over a tree! This will make it easier for you to find the sinker after the shot. This is yet another improvement I hope will make things easier!


On 4/23/2022 at 2:55pm my baby girl Ellie was born! Please allow additional time for shipping as we welcome in our newest addition to the family! Thank you!



The only thing more important than your AirBoss is the packaging! All AirBosses are shipped suspended with foam rings inside of a 4-inch PVC Pipe. The crush rating of the 4-inch PVC pipe is 3,000lbs MINIMUM! Customers can rest easy knowing their new AirBoss will be shipped in a solid, hard container and not some flimsy cardboard box filled with packing peanuts!


Greetings! On April 3rd, 2022 USPS will begin to charge a new surcharge, of $15 additional dollars, on packages longer than 30 inches. With this drastic price increase I am forced to increase the price of AirBoss products by $10. Thank you to all of my loyal AirBoss customers and thank you for understanding!


Reel Kits are now available!

Reel kits can now be purchased in the Shop with your AirBoss! I am always thinking of new ways to help my customers purchase just what they need from one spot. These reel kits will save you a trip to the store and come pre-spooled with 50lb high visibility braided line!

Every AirBoss Earns It's Sticker!       d

My Grandfather (KR4LO) instilled in me that you have an obligation to every customer to provide a good quality working product to every buyer. You can buy with confidence knowing that every AirBoss undergoes quality control prior to leaving my shop. All AirBosses are pressure tested and sinker tested prior to receiving its sticker and being packaged. 


Merry Christmas!                               -12/30/2021

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone enjoys their holiday adventures this year! Please take advantage of the NewYear2022 promo code on the website for 5% off orders! Offer ends on New Year's Day!





Thank you CQ Magazine!

A big shout out to all of the people that checked out the CQ AirBoss news update and flooded my inbox with orders! I love it! I'm so glad I can get these AirBosses back out to Hams all across the USA! Thank you for all of your support! Also, never hesitate to reach out to me through my contact us page. I'm always interested to hear what others have to say! More announcements to follow! Stay tuned!

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