Terms & Conditions



  • All payments are due upon receipt. If a payment is not received or a payment is declined the buyer forfeits the ownership of any item purchased. If no payment is received, no items will be shipped. The price you see is the price you pay, no offers, no haggling. Payment will only be accepted in US currency (Dollar). If cash or check is the desired method of payment, then the transaction must occur in person if possible. Otherwise, all transactions must pass through the online services in which the product is listed.  


Shipping Policies & Refund/Return Policies:


  • The buyer will pay for shipping when placing an order, unless it is otherwise stated in the description. If the item is DECLARED lost in writing by the shipping company at any point during the shipping process, a refund will be issued to the buyer. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to keep up with the tracking information regarding the package. The buyer is not responsible to receive a refund if the tracking information indicates that the package is running late. Currently the entire country is experiencing a labor shortage and USPS is experiencing longer than normal shipping times. I apologize for the inconvenience. Once the merchandise is in the hands of the shipping company refunds will only be issued on late deliveries if the shipping company has issued a shipping insurance payout to Olah Technologies LLC in the event that the item is assumed lost even though tracking information may indicate that the item is running late. Olah Technologies LLC will file a lost mail claim for the customer on any packages running 15 days late. If the buyer files the claim first there will be no refund issued on lost mail. If the item within the package is damaged during shipping, the buyer will receive a replacement product for free. If the product is damaged during shipping the buyer must also provide clear and evident proof of the damage to the item with pictures of the damage to the product. If the buyer receives a damaged item during shipping and does not want a replacement product a full refund will be issued after the photo evidence of the damage to the product is received. 

  • International Orders: IMPORTANT! It is the CUSTOMER's responsibility to make sure any product they purchase is border customs compliant and legally compliant for their respective country and city. There will be NO refunds issued to customers who fail to check with their local government and police before purchasing any product on my website.



  • Any item may be canceled until the payment has been processed. Once the payment has been processed the buyer is responsible for the payment.




Legal Disclaimer:



  • DO NOT Overfill this product with compressed air. Overfilling is defined as any pressure exceeding 75 psi and any pressure causing the product to explode. Death or serious injury can also occur if the product is dropped on a sharp object while filled with any amount of pressure. Death or Serious injury from this product can occur if the user performs unsafe acts with the AirBoss. Unsafe acts are any actions that could cause death or harm to the operator or other living beings. DO NOT use this product around power lines. Purchase and use of this product is at the buyer's own risk. This is your formal notification of disclosure; the seller cannot be held liable for ANYTHING the buyer uses this product for. Also, this product is NOT legally considered a firearm and was verified by Pamlico County NC Sheriff's office.


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