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      My name is Eric Olah! I am the owner and operator of Olah Technologies LLC. I am a graduate of East Carolina University and a soldier in the North Carolina Army National Guard.

      My Story

      From ever since I could remember I've always been a huge admirer of my Grandfather. Even as a small child I can remember the joy and excitement of getting to go over to Grandpa's house. Every time I go to see him, even to this day, I always go to the shop to see what new project he's been working on. 

      As I grew into being a young adult, I noticed he would make these things called an AirBoss. It was inspiring to know someone can develop a simple and effective device that others would like to have as well. Time passed on and Grandpa decided it was time to close up the AirBoss making business. 

      While easing into my adulthood after college I reached a point where I had the time and space to make his well renowned AirBoss product. One day, when I was at his shop, he offered for me to purchase his tools he used to make the AirBoss and all of the remaining materials he had left over. With this he also intrusted the craft and knowledge of making the AirBoss to me. I gladly accepted and the rest his history, I'm very happy to bring the AirBoss back into the Ham radio community! 


      I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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